Mystery Flying Squirrel from Borneo

•April 3, 2010 • 1 Comment

While nest-searching for an avian life-history research project, I came across a nest I assumed had been built by a bird. It may well have been built by one, but the current residents were distinctly mammalian.  The nest contained 3 young flying-squirrels. I have seen adult Black Flying Squirrels (Aeromys tephromelas) here in Borneo before, but these appeared to be much smaller, likely from the genus Hylopetes or Petinomys. I have the Payne/Frances “Mammals of Borneo” but I have yet to come to any conclusion on their identity. I’m leaning towards Red-cheeked Flying-Squirrel, but it is entirely possible they are unidentifiable at this age.  Anyone with any insights please let me know!



West Papua Trip Report 2009

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5 friends and I travelled for 1 month in Papua, Indonesia looking for Birds-of-Paradise and a variety of other spectacular creatures. We found incredible birds, places and especially people throughout our journey. A birding and logistics heavy travelogue is available here.

Borneo Trip Report 2009

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This is  a trip report based on a 3.5 month visit to Sabah, Malaysia.  I was primarily working at Kinabalu NP, but the trip report includes several side trips to other birding/mammaling sites around Sabah.

Mystery mammal photos from Venezuela

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Hello all,

I’m new to the blogging world, so excuse the poor formatting for the moment. I’m a freelance biologist currently in Missoula, MT.  I’ve always been primarily interested in birds, but I’m trying to branch out a bit and learn what I can about mammals and herps. My first few posts will be mostly mystery photos from previous trips. After that, who knows…trip reports, photos from the field, and travel commentary are all fair game. Thanks for checking out the blog.

I’ve got some mammal photos from a 2008 trip to Venezuela that I can’t ID. I’m hoping that some more knowledgable folks out there can help me out.

Marmosops sp? Photos were taken in Bolivar, VZ.  In the Gran Sabana at the base of Mt. Roraima. 1,100m.



Large(r) Opossum.  Photos were taken in Lara, VZ.  In Parque Nacional Yacambu, cloud-forest. 1,500m.


Bats.  Photos were taken in Falcon, VZ.  Medium-sized cave in the Sierra de San Luis. Unknown elevation, but probably around 1,000m.