Mystery Flying Squirrel from Borneo

While nest-searching for an avian life-history research project, I came across a nest I assumed had been built by a bird. It may well have been built by one, but the current residents were distinctly mammalian.  The nest contained 3 young flying-squirrels. I have seen adult Black Flying Squirrels (Aeromys tephromelas) here in Borneo before, but these appeared to be much smaller, likely from the genus Hylopetes or Petinomys. I have the Payne/Frances “Mammals of Borneo” but I have yet to come to any conclusion on their identity. I’m leaning towards Red-cheeked Flying-Squirrel, but it is entirely possible they are unidentifiable at this age.  Anyone with any insights please let me know!



~ by andyboyce on April 3, 2010.

One Response to “Mystery Flying Squirrel from Borneo”

  1. Hello Andy:
    I am a biologist at the University of Arizona who studies squirrels. To hard to tell at this stage but the tail seems like it might be too robust for one of the Hylopetes…curious if you ever figured this out?
    I am writing though in hopes that you might have any photos of other squirrels from Borneo or SE Asia in general. We are writing a scholarly book titled Squirrels of the World for the non-profit Johns Hopkins Univ Press and have photos about 220 of the 281 squirrels. Still need a number of the smaller squirrels from your neck of the woods…contact me if you by chance you do… Many thanks, John Koprowski

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